ARiA Lifetuning is the “Tuning of one’s life” to optimal functioning.
A personalised initiation and adoption to the rules of longevity.

In Aria Lifetuning, we work with our guests on their daily routine through presentations, one-to-one consultations, group sessions, experiential meals and stress management techniques.

In this way, we gradually introduce guests to our three Lifetuning pillars:
Nutrition – Muscle Stimulation – Stress Management, where scientific studies have outlined a true potential for modulating gene expression. In ARiA, we believe that genes are not written in marble. Genes are analogous to switches – which we aim to help turn on. Specifically we turn on the “life-extending” ones and turning off the “life-limiting” ones. ARiA Lifetuning aims to guide its guests through an intelligent roadmap to a healthier and longer lifespan, by helping reduce age related diseases without disabilities.

For this, we created a life-changing voyage during which one can feel the real essence of ARiA, the “Anima Reparitur in Aqua”, or in other words “Soul Revived in Water”. As true change comes through introspection, it requires quietness, concentration and isolation of daily distractors. The ARiA experience is enveloped by the luxurious environment of a Mega Yacht, where all your senses will be pampered. Each day begins with our rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory breakfast, as well as by our switch “triggering” signature dishes, all prepared by our Michelin star chef, whilst being in close proximity to nature and its elements.

The variety of our detoxifying whole-fibre juices offered throughout the day have been chosen specifically to target your different needs together with our on deck meditation, pilates and personalised fitness sessions, shape our holistic approach for impressive & successful Lifetuning.



ARiA lifetuning scientific team is led by Dr. Dimitrios Samaras, a medical specialist in age-management and nutritional optimization. Dr. Dimitrios Samaras, an expert force behind our life enhancing program, will customize your ARiA Lifetuning experience according to your individual targets by following his pioneering MiSpoon method.

His method brilliantly combines the latest nutritional data to offer you a fresh and practical way of eating that will stay with you for life by designing a personalized, nutrition-based scheme for each of our onboard guests and guide them on an exciting, habit-forging journey.

Our medical expertise and vast experience guarantee that your ARiA Lifetuning trip will provide you with a sustainable, refreshed life-style that perfectly fits with your personality.


Internal Medicine, Age Management and nutritional optimization consultant at Geneva University Hospitals, Clinique General Beaulieu, Geneva, Switzerland. Member of the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Every single ARiA meal
benefits your DNA reformation.

Your personal gourmet “health-giving” food for an extra 15,330 meals!