Muscle Stimulation

A 30 minutes morning pick me up.

A low octane wake-up workout that energizes the body and mind during which fat is lost efficiently and the body tone strengthens, as endorphins flow abundantly giving you the fuel you need for the day ahead. Tailor made Personal Training sessions designed on the basis of a personalized health questionnaire, body assessment, medical history and goals. We work with you to achieve your aspirations helping your body and mind to work as one in order to have the strength to deal with daily life challenges, by giving you the tools and techniques to maintain and sustain your transformed lifetune skills and habits.

Evening sessions:

These are high intensity group sessions designed to improve the cardiovascular system whilst simultaneously burning those stubborn pockets of fat. A high intensity cardio/aerobic session aimed at targeting those hard to shift problem areas.

Training sessions:

Embracing physical movement, also tailored to the individual is an essential part of a wellness and optimized lifestyle. Learn to stimulate your muscles and fight thus against pro-aging conditions such as insulin-resistance. Discover the gene expression modulating effect of physical activity while protecting yourself from traumatisms and joint degeneration.


All of our sessions have the added bonus of having
the glorious Mediterranean as a backdrop.
This idyllic, ever changing setting, with deep breaths of the salty sea air,
make these sessions truly magical.