Lifetuning is supported by three pillars:
Nutrition – Stress Management – Muscle Stimulation


Every single ARiA meal
benefits your DNA reformation.

Stress Management

Our daily stresses get in the way…
Learn to disarm these stresses and
LifeTune to a longer, more laughter filled life!

Muscle Stimulation

Discover the gene expression
modulating effect of physical activity.

ARiA Lifetuning aims at promoting health span, life without
sickness and longevity by preventing aging and age-related diseases
and holistically balancing body, mind and inner peace


Where science takes over and influences gene expression.

A life changing experience guaranteed to Revive you Soul in Water

A third of the most common cancers are linked to lifestyle…
can you afford not to Life Tune it?

“Happy Patient”

Happy patientDropped from 107 Kg to 85Kg (height 1.82), stabilized my diadetes and other blood parameters; Not to mention the gain regarding mobility (joints and spine).
“When a ritual gets redefined to combine pleasure and simplicity, the patient wins!”
“Not really a diet, only a few simple rules to follow, freedom of choice and plenty of recuperating nights!”
By J.-C.R.

“The method of Dr. Samaras is highly recommended fro several reasons”

  1. It works! -22kg in 10 months
  2. You never get frustrated as you have few cheat meals… without overdoing it though
  3. It provides several tips to fight hunger
  4. You can always replace foods to suit your personal taste. Try it as soon as possible!

By P.B.

“Aria program has changed my life.”

It substantially changed what I eat and when , helped reduce fat while keeping muscle. Without any diet. But more importantly improved my health and overall well-being.
Domagoj I. Milosevic