ARiA Lifetuning.

An exclusive health, lifestyle
and habit formulating journey
across the crystal blue waters
of the Mediterranean Sea.

This innovative program aims at promoting health span, life without sickness and longevity by preventing aging and age-related diseases and
holistically balancing body, mind and inner peace. Benefit from the latest medical testing, supportive guidance, effective relaxation techniques,
innovative treatments, fitness activities and health promoting nutrition.

ARiA is designed to incorporate improvements that modern technology has achieved in predictive, preventive, revitalizing and regenerative medicine.
Moreover it includes body and mind therapies, tailored exercise sessions, spa therapies, detox, and stress management.

ARiA LifeTune yourself today
enjoy thousands of tomorrows!


Program Focus

Combining the pioneering ARiA well-being program with the refined luxury offered onboard the Mega-Yacht, we provide you and your loved ones with unprecedented revitalizing experiences amongst breathtaking sceneries. Enjoy a fresh start and consciously develop new habits to maintain your best self for life.

// Nutritional Optimization and Weight Management
// Detoxification
// Stress Management
// Sleep Disorders
// Fitness Balance
// Sustainable Lifestyle Improvement

Benefits of ARiA program

// Focus on living in a way that cares for body and mind
// Discover of a new health-promoting lifestyle
// Get introduced on self-induced wellness techniques
// Get inspired more vibrant, energetic and healthy
// Use the right tools for stress management
// Learn detailed information on managing your biological age
// Find out how to exercise according to your body type and needs
// Know how to use the longevity formula
// Enjoy a luxury, relaxing retreat while gaining greater knowledge
and understanding of one’s personal health journey

This retreat is an instructive and experiential journey into the key elements of a holistic,
proactive approach to longevity and healthy aging. The pillars of this approach include an optimized nutrition
(MiSPOON Method), a sustainable physical activity program and stress management techniques.
As we age it is essential to monitor these key elements and seek to live in a way that keeps them at an optimal level.